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To level the playing fields by promoting transparency and by removing barriers-to-entry in the recording industry, which is currently controlled by multi-national companies.

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The South African recording industry has been in a steep decline for at least the last decade.  Performers and small independent record labels are struggling to survive, while we are losing our rich cultural heritage of indigenous music.

Ten years ago, South African artists created around half of the music played in this country.  It is now less than a quarter.    

IMC was created in 2020, as a collective of independent music producers and labels, to revitalise the South African independent music industry and invest in our musical heritage. 



The South African music industry is in trouble.  To see an outline of the problem, click here.


IMC is working on the following campaigns under the SAVE OUR MUSIC banner

    1) Boot Camp

Providing assistance for producers and labels to get their recording projects off the ground -  from access to studio time, to sampling recordings to broadcasters and digital and streaming platforms.

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    2) New Frontiers

Establishing a local licensing platform to assist local labels to get their recordings onto the international collection society databases and get the music of independent labels worldwide onto South African collection society databases.

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    3) Follow the Money.

Monitoring and tracking revenue owed to all independent labels from SAMPRA and RAV, lobbying

for global standards of reporting through the implementation of a Repertoire Data Exchange (RDEx) in South Africa.


    4) ​Bringing it together 

Compiling and maintaining a directory of independent music collaborators – musicians, producers and indie labels that embrace the spirit of independence and entrepreneurship.